Friday, September 25, 2009

Southern Comfort

Home Again is extremely proud to announce and showcase the arrival of these two stunning works of art. The corner cabinets are made of wild black cherry by the renowned furniture maker Henkel-Harris. The company is still in existence and has been operating in Virginia since 1946. These are without a doubt heirloom quality. This could be the finest furniture made in America.

Fresh Looks

If you are looking for a vintage piece to display towels in a bathroom, office supplies in a computer room, craft supplies for the artist, or plants for the sunroom, look no further. This curvy iron stand will be an added addition to any decor.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Queen of Halloween

Christine Altman was also featured at Home Again. Her love of Halloween just shines in her artwork. Here she is very much at home with her new found friend and her fashion statement hat. If you missed her art at Home Again, be sure to visit The Blue Hydrangea and Dundee Gardens. You will positively want to incorporate her works into your Halloween decor. You would even want to display it all year round. Thanks girls!

Some Creations

Artisan Cathy Pajor of Beads of Faith

Cathy was one of the in-house artisans that was featured at Home Again for the Fall festival. Here Cathy shows how her works are made. I just loved her rosary necklace. I ordered one custom made in the crystal of my choice. It was the peridot in honor of my Mother's birthday. I will cherish it always. Cathy also makes beautiful jewelry of her own creations.

Horse and Wagon Ride

Good-Bye Fall Festival

This was the closing of the Luzerne Fall Fest 2009. Home Again greeted many old customers and friends along with making new. The turnout was great! It was two days of nonstop activity. My friend Phil was one of the many food vendors. He brought me to my knees with his chocolate peanut butter pizza! Just sinful.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fu Fu Feline

A bit of whimsy can go a long way when made into a doll or kitty bed! This is the creation of Maurell Gallery. Miss Maurells' expertise is designing vintage purses. Each piece is decorated with her vintage embellishments making it one of a kind. So retro chic. You can see one of her creations on an older post. We can see the pampered feline loving this sanctuary.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Luzerne Fall Festival

It's time for the Luzerne Fall Festival. September 12 and !3 which is Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 6. There will be plenty of activity for young and old. Music, food, an antique car show and just plain fun. Home Again is showcasing two wonderful artists. Chris Altmann who is the Queen of Halloween will have her jaw-dropping works on sale. Cathy Pajor with her beautiful beadwork is always a joy. Her rosary beads extend themselves for all occasions. The Fall scene that is gracing the top of the page is from Betsy Havira. Thanks Betsy!