Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Dreaded First Cut

Today was the day. I can't push the date up anymore. The lawn looked like a shaggy dog. No sweat! Pop the battery into the Kobalt and life is good. No noxious fumes billowing into my face, no oil to check and no smelly gas cans. Ladies, if you are the only one that cuts the grass you might want to look into this. Lowe's carries the Kobalt and Home Depot has the Eco. I bought the largest because of my big lot. Different sizes means different prices. They are also very quiet. You are not annoying the neighbors at dinner time.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring Project

How to take a 1970's bedroom that was graced with dark brown awful paneling and turn it into a soft yellow cottage feel. The miracle of paint. When the cabana striped curtains get back into place, all the furniture is arranged, white molding around the ceiling, and wonderful bedding, it will feel like a weekend at the lake.

Best Paint

The color is called Homestead Resort Sunwash. A color from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.