Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Fall Fest

Saturday, September 14th,  was without a doubt the biggest party I have ever seen in all the seven years I have been in business!  The crowd was huge.  Never have I seen so many craft and food vendors.  Three areas of non stop music.  We went from 9 to 5 without taking a breath!  I finally got out to take just a few pictures of all the activity.  A job well done! A good time was had by all.  Now on to Christmas!

Celest Can Put A Marine to Shame

Thanks Phil. Everyone Gained 5lbs!

Dave The Photog Man

Miss Janelle The Bombshell and Her Lovely Salon and Boutique

Friday, September 13, 2013

Join us for the 17th annual Harvest Festival on Main Street in Luzerne.  September 14th, 9A.M. to 5 P.M.  Lots of food, gift vendors, and music.  The weather will be a wonderful 65 degrees and plenty of sun to get us in a Fall mood.

Flossie's Basket

Our good friends at Flossie's  Basket made this wonderful centerpiece for our colonial cherry dining table.  Very fitting for the antique strainer.

On The Cheap

You don't have to spend a fortune on decorations.  Use your imagination!  These are all found objects.  I took the picture of the spider web, had it enlarged, and put it in a flea market frame.  We made a mantle scarf out of fabric.

Live Decor

We love decorating for the season with live plants.  Perfect for the center of a large farm table.  We used chile peppers, kale,  cabbages, herbs and pine cones for warmth.  Put them in an old radiator cover on top of an oak server.

Bella Taylor

New for the season, Bella Taylor scarves and handbags.  The Essential, Wristlet Wallet, and the Crossbody to name a few.