Sunday, August 28, 2011

Purple Plum 2. The Sequel

As you know, Hurricane Irene graced the East Coast with her presence. I opened the front door at 6 a.m. and my second Purple Plum tree was kissing the front steps. It was sad to see her go and her twin sister a month ago, but just think, no more pruning, spraying for all kinds of bugs, fallen plums that attract ants, birds, and squirrels. Not to mention the fallen leaves that have to be raked up in the Fall. Life just got a little easier! My neighbor Trapper John could not wait to dig in with the new chain saw.

John looks like he is really enjoying himself. Men and their toys!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The Victorian Heart Company is now featuring the new Fall product launches. Cotton Woven Throws and Nancy's Nook Braided Collection. Not to mention Bedding, Kitchen and Coordinates. Don't forget Bella Taylor Handbags and Accessories. The woven throw collection features quality twill or jacquard weaving and 100% cotton. With plenty of room to retreat and recover, these throws deliver comfort year-round. Available in eleven colors, many coordinating with your favorite VHC Collections.

Style With Purpose

The 2011 braided jute collection features flooring, table settings, and baskets. Jute, a natural fiber, is considered a sustainable, environmentally friendly material. All of the jute products are first dyed as fiber, then hand constructed. It is an extensive collection. Rectangle rugs, stair treads, placemats, runners, chair pads, oval rugs, trivets and coaster sets. There are twenty colors to choose from. Who could decide?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cavalier or Lane?

We all grew up with Lane but has anyone ever heard of Cavalier? This Tennessee Furniture Co. manufactured this cedar chest and dubbed it the cadillac of cedar chests. From the 1920's to perhaps the 1960's it was the hope chest of many a young lady. A gift from the parents at fourteen so she could start storing her dreams. Our chest that came to us today is early 1940's because of the brass medallion and paper labels inside the chest. Regardless, it is such a beautiful concept.