Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I am a great auntie!  This is JAMES PADRAIG.  He entered the kingdom on August 1.  A long awaited son and heir for Dana And Joe.  The name they chose means noble.  A wonderful life for this little beach baby.

What a two weeks this has been.  Oui!

Look Out!

James is letting his mother know he is hungry.  And that is every two hours!  When he has to have a diaper change, this is how he gets.  Hit the deck!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Arrivals

KILIM RUGS.  Introducing wool/jute rugs.  Also called Kilim, after the ancient weaving art, these rugs are a blend of rugged wool for a unique, vibrant and fresh look.   Up to six sizes per color, for a range of options to suit any decor.  Chose stencil or traditional, with hand tied tassels on each short end.  Rug  pad is recommended for stability  and to prevent any possible color transfer.


A woven coverlet in 100% cotton.  Solid khaki in a herringbone weave.  So cozy up!  Perfect for any decor.  Love the pillows.


We chose this pattern to complement the white chippy iron bed. A fresh take on a traditional 8-point star motif.  Boldly striped accessories complete the fresh country look in 100% cotton.