Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Ride

Would you believe I was still tooling around on my Moped last week? The end of November? I think that might have been my last ride until next Spring.

Birds of a Feather

While viewing a summer photo file, I came across these two characters. Mother bird was taking her shower and baby bird weathered a storm. Cracked me up! Enjoy.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cottage Style

Cottage style or some prefer shabby chic. Everyone loves this type of decorating. Not trendy and always timeless. Small simple houses filled with natural light and a romantic aura. Furniture never matches and is chippy, painted, distressed and carefree. Rooms are cozy and relaxing. The lake or seaside. Our local artist, Betsy Havira, was kind enough to provide the necessary accent pieces or "dessert" in cottage decorating. Her seashore paintings are perfect. Very soothing and colorful. And they are on sale.

A Natural Addition

When the artist took on this project, she paid loving attention to detail. She selected a high end piece of furniture. In a successful cottage-style room there is a feeling. And nothing is perfect. And that's the beauty.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Window

The elves started to decorate the store windows. They wanted something to remind us of our childhood. The rocking horse was hand crafted. An amazing piece. Christmas will be in full swing. Don't forget black Friday on November 27. Home Again will be having a sale of 20 to 50% off on selected items. Hope to see you there. Store hours will be from 11 to 6 pm.

Prim Goodies

The last time Liz Revit graced Home Again with her multi talent was the Christmas in July show At Home Again. Liz is a renowned jewelry designer and painter. Just punch up Liz Revit art blog and you know what I'm talk'n about. She melted my heart with her primitive snowmen. Miss Liz how did you know? Keep your eye on her new release of art. Very funky and vintage. Can't wait to see it at Home Again.

Christmas Art

Our "Queen of Halloween" gal has done it again! Miss Christine Altmann take a bow! Her amazing Christmas art is just plain fun. Come in to see her collection. As always Home Again is very proud to showcase our local artisans. These are wonderful gifts.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Bloom'n Show

The antique show held each year at the Bloomsburg fair grounds was smashing! This ain't no flea market! Anyone who appreciates the real deal was at this show. Every year my two friends Diana and Clyde take their place and stand back for all of their followers. If you love fine, super high quality, amazing one of a kind pieces of jewelry, both Diana and Clyde will accommodate your every taste.

Diana's Booth

Giving the camera a very striking regal pose, Diana is seen in her elegant surroundings.

Diamond HOTTIE

This drop dead, must have, Santa baby, sister ring me up now, is in Diana's gorgeous collection. I can just hear my mother. "Now you need a mink and a Cadillac to go with it!

Clyde's Booth

I finally got near his booth to quick steal a shot. People were buzzing around the jewelry counters all day. I know I located the ring I want. Sorry about the "drool" on your beautiful cases, Clyde!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Field Trip

This past Sunday my two friends and I went on our yearly field trip to the open house at Country Folk. It's the kick off to the Christmas season. They actually close the place for two weeks in order to transform "the barn" into the most amazing display of holiday decorating. They also had a drive to feed the less fortunate. If you brought canned goods you got 20% off of your purchase. Although it was a bit difficult to get into the holiday spirit, the 70 degree weather was wonderful! And who could resist a picture of the nuclear power plant as we sped through Berwick? I'm glad I don't live there!

Taking Five

After an exhausting three hours of looking, climbing, wandering, dreaming, getting decorating ideas, battling the crowds and finally making our purchases, my two dear friends could not wait to sit down. They picked a pretty spot.