Saturday, January 13, 2018

What Is Going On?

There is something in the air and it does not stink! As I was perusing the aisles of my local health food haunt, The House of Nutrition in downtown Luzerne, Pennsylvania, I notice the amount of fresh prepared vegan and frozen food sections have tripled! Dinners, cakes, pies, grab and go meals. I decided to go straight to the top and talk to head vegan chef Crystal and head pastry chef Kerry. And these gals walk the walk.

A Revolution

A plant based lifestyle. Even the hardcore medical establishment is embracing this movement. Ditch the meat and dairy. This is not a fad and it is not going away anytime soon. Large mainstream meat and dairy giants are scrambling for alternatives. Their sales are feeling this tidal wave. Plant based milk sales have grown 61% over the last five years. The traditional meat and dairy industry is not happy.
are not happy.

A Movie

And it really hit home with the debut of the vegan documentary, What The Health. This movie was nominated for an NAACP Award and Netflix was honored also. It has people all around the globe questioning their lives and diets, not to mention the humane treatment of animals.

I Am Listening

Bill Gates investing millions into Impossible Foods. Remind me to call my broker. The Impossible Burger is the future of protein. And Leonardo Di Caprio also investing in Beyond Meat. This is huge. Red Robin serving vegan burgers at its 560 outlets across America. Dominos Pizza serving a dairy free cheese topping. Starbucks adding oat milk to the menu due to vegan demand. And the Beyond Burger now is on menus in 450 TGI Friday Restaurants nationwide. Power of the purse.

This Is Not Woodstock

Championship athletes are finding that by shunning the traditional heavy meat laden meals before a game, and now ada pting to whole plant based diets, it is giving them quite the edge. NBA Superstar Kyrie Irving has announced his commitment to a plant based diet. He has encouraged other team members along with Jahlil Okafor. Soon it will be called the NVA because that's how many players are going vegan and vegetarian. Derrick Morgan and his chef wife inspired vegan movement on the Titans. Julia Trezise power lifter and Venus Williams. Also Scott Jurek which is considered by some as the greatest runner of all times.

African American Community

Vegan cooking and eating are having a renaissance among black Americans, driven in partly movements like Black Lives Matter and a growing cadre of people who connect personal health, animal welfare and social justice with the fight for racial equality according to Monique Kotch known as the Brown Vegan on You Tube.
So in parting, a new year offers us a fantastic opportunity to recommit ourselves and set healthy habits.