Thursday, September 8, 2011

And This Is Today

Anyone who lived through The Great Flood of 1972 in the Wyoming Valley knows the feeling. The dike system back then was extremely antiquated to hold back the wrath of Hurricane Agnes. No one had ever anticipated this disaster. At that time Richard M. Nixon was President of The United States and was quoted as saying it was "the greatest natural disaster in the history of The United States". I lived it along with my parents. So far we have had a few of these close calls, especially in 1996. This time it is very close. Now Wilkes-Barre has a zillion dollar dike system in place. I believe this will be a test.

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  1. Mary, your pictures say it all. John and I had to evacuate with the cats, and it was not fun. Thank God my mom and dad don't live in the flood zone and we had somewhere safe to go.

    My heart goes out to the people who were affected.